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Amplify – MR

using the best, to deliver the best

We are a specialist market research agency that delivers information other agencies can’t (or won’t). 

In areas such as advertising evaluation, consumer behaviour and data amalgamation we pull together experts and technologies to design the best possible custom solutions.

Using the best to deliver the best!

data source solutions

Data Source Solutions:

Whether it is building a panel or measuring the digital behaviour of a target market we have designed approaches to deliver data sources that aid decision making.

Amplify can provide huge expertise in the creation of data sources – including solutions such as industry standard audience measurement, digital panels, proprietary communities and more.

research solutions

Complex solution design and management:

We have built innovative brand tracking solutions, advertising effectiveness approaches, cross media brand lift products and multi-stage iterative testing programmes that were too specific and complex for large agencies to manage. 

Amplify is an end-to-end solutions company – from design, to development, to deployment to management.

data integration

Data integration & management solutions:

By pulling together data and information sources we build insight solutions that go way beyond what most agencies can do. We take CRM, ad exposure, website visit, survey and purchasing data and make it actionable and useful.

With access to data capture, data science, data management, cloud and analysis services, we are able to deliver real value.

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