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data source solutions

from recruitment, to management, to execution

We design and create data sources for specific business decision insights. From sample frames that are multi-sourced to take part in surveys, to panel or communities of people that deliver behavioural data through the latest technologies we create custom solutions.

Having the right data source to generate the information is key to the success of decision making. 

panel recruitment

With 20 years of digital panel building experience, we have built panels for many purposes – to track digital media usage, to measure the online & offline customer journeys and to provide an ‘always-on’ source of survey data.

data source management

We don’t just design and build data sources, we also manage them for clients, in order that they may concentrate on their insight generation and analysis. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific data source and data outcome requirements. Even if you have existing data sources, we can design optimisation and improvement strategies to help get more out of them.

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