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data solutions

Our experience with non-survey data is extensive. We have been at the forefront of deploying digital, passive tracking technologies that range from PC & mobile behaviour monitoring to ad and website measurement for over 20 years. We have also built solutions that have integrated multiple data sources to enrich audience or market knowledge.

behaviour tracking

We have helped our clients uncover how people use the web and mobile apps to show where opportunities exist – whether to inform media planning, identify consumer journeys or optimise content & products.

Our purpose-built solutions have used various best-in-class digital media measurement technologies from across the world.

audience profiling

We have delivered many proprietary solutions to better understand clients’ website or ad audiences. This information has then been used to tailor media spends, products and creatives. 

Whether combined with surveys or not, these solutions help our clients achieve better, audience-specific, performance.

data enrichment

Amplify MR have added significant value to the information our clients know about their customers through the combination and enhancement of multiple data sources. 

We are able to integrate different sources, formats and types of data to give highly specific insights – from CRM enrichment to the deployment of huge survey databases for insight mining.

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